I have never done an event like this before. I was able to see other questions, get other opinions, questions I wouldn’t have thought of. Enjoyed the fact I could directly speak with the founders – it seems like a very human company with a lot of respect and its always a richer experience when there are more people. 

Testimonial Four

It’s my first experience of doing anything like this and its a great way to learn about the role, culture and company. In most interviews I spoke with one person and then was asked to write a marketing strategy!

Testimonial Three

It’s a very good process, never seen anything like it before.  It’s also very cool that we don’t just expect candidates to sell to us, we start by educating them. I loved the test and that we put so much care in to who we hire. Our process and the care we put in to the process shows a lot about our culture as a business.

Testimonial Two

Thank god someone is actually progressive and changing the recruitment process. Simple but thorough opportunity. Role reversal of letting us pitch to you. I found it inspiring, and it’s a relief that there are like minded people who understand that it’s a big decision for people.

Testimonial One